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Service Of Process

California Deposition Reporters has been serving papers for over 35 years. We handle this type of work for a variety of clients ranging from sole practitioners, nationwide law firms and government agencies. We accept jobs of all sizes and have the resources to serve anywhere in the United States on a timely matter.

How do you deal with evasive subjects? Over the years we’ve seen people use all kinds of crazy methods to evade service. Whether it be hiding in the trunk of a car, jumping over bushes or trying to wear disguises, we’ve seen it all. Our years of experience have taught us to think outside of the box to get the job done. As a licensed Private Investigation company, we also have the resources to find out when and where an evasive subject is going to be!

Can someone refuse to accept service? The belief that someone has to “accept” service or “touch the documents” is false. If we’re able to identify a person on whom legal service can be made either personally or by sub-service and they refuse to “accept” the documents, we can absolutely still serve them. The key to what is commonly referred to as “drop service” is that we act professionally, follow all applicable statutes & immediately document what happened.

How can we make your life easier? At California Deposition Reporters, we understand that as a legal professional you have more important things to worry about than whether or not your documents are being served in a timely manner. Once we receive an assignment, we take ownership of it & ensure it gets completed promptly and that you are kept in the loop throughout the process.

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