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Remote Depositions, COVID Safe and Secured

California Deposition Reporters Inc. has been handling depositions remotely prior to the world being devastated by COVID. Since COVID impacted law firms, their clients, and cases in general, we have successfully conducted dozens of Remote Depositions daily since early March 2020. 

On a Remote Deposition, you are never alone, we have staff work with you, your staff, your witness, and the opposing counsel prior to the day of your Remote Deposition to make sure everyone is familiar, knowledgeable, and above all else comfortable with the upcoming deposition. The support does not end there, we also have trained staff logged in to greet you, troubleshoot or help you in any way during your Remote Deposition.

Our staff is ready to be of service to you during your Remote Deposition so you can focus on what is important, your case.

Our Virtual Meeting Technicians perform the following tasks for you:

  • Remote Deposition Support
  • Troubleshoot Technical Issues
  • Ensuring Video and Audio Quality
  • Secure Document Exchange Between Parties
  • Marking Exhibits Introduced Electronically 
  • Screen Sharing of Exhibits for all Parties During the Remote Deposition
  • Ensure Security and Remote Deposition Stays Secure
  • Private Breakout Rooms for Attorney/Client Conversation
  • Attorney/Client Deposition Preparation Prior To The Start of a Deposition. 

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