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How Can I Turn In My Assignments?

We know, and understand, that turning in a job can be difficult and time consuming for the reporter. We try to make the turn-in as easy for the reporters as we can. The only email a reporter should turn an assignment into is

Reporters are independent contractors and must submit a invoice for payment at the time that they turn in their assignments. This invoice needs to be correct in order to be paid timely and correctly, any billable item not included on the invoice will not be paid and cannot be added at a later date. If the reporter wishes to turn in a worksheet they must only use the CalDepo worksheet which can be downloaded HERE.

When you turn your job in you will email all information and files to

Subject of the email: Job # and if it is a rush. Example Subject: Job 222222 RUSH

Body of the email: Services rendered: Real-Time, Rough, Wait Time, Parking, Copy Orders, Per Diem etc etc Difficulty of witness: Standard, Business or Expert. Notes: Anything we need to know (self-addressed stamped envelope, attorney wants just digital etc) Who the Original Goes To: Name and address If the job has a per diem please include it also. We mark it on our end also but this is a good double check.

We do not need: Start time End Time Pages Case name Witness name Caption How many exhibit pages Case number Location of job Reporter name Reporter CSR # Party information

We pull as much info from the transcript as we can so we do not need you rewrite it in the email. Make sure appearance information is complete, with emails, in the transcript.  You can attach the job, parking receipt, exhibits, invoice and worksheet to the email. CalDepo signs transcripts digitally, please make sure we have your signature on file. All you need to do is sign a blank piece of paper.

We try to make this as easy for you and not have you waste any time. If you have any questions please just give us a call and we will walk you through it. We try to make it as simple as we can however we need it uniform as we cannot have different ways and information from the vast pool of reporters we work with. If the turn-in information is not completed or correct the job is not considered turned in. We cannot process or produce transcripts until we have all information needed which may delay your pay.

Have any questions please call or email Jamie at 626-915-1996, or if after hours you can reach him on his mobile 626-625-0967

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