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This is a quick instructional page to help you upload your jobs to CalDepo Online. If you do not have login credentials yet please email Sarah at

You can login to your online office as a reporter here:
CalDepo Online For Reporters
Once logged in you select ‘Turn In’ and follow the below instructions:

Screen 1: Job Information
Reporters MUST have the following:
Case Name
Case Number

Screen 2: Witnesses > New Witness
Reporter must have the following:
Begin Page
Start & Stop Time
Last Exhibit Marked
Read & Sign
Read & Sign Date (please make sure you calculate the day to reflect the 14 BUSINESS DAYS we have to get the job to the client. (EXAMPLE job taken 2/13 is due to client on March 3rd, read and sign date would be March 13th)
Send Original To: Reporter must put complete name, firm name and address of who is to receive the original
Notes for the witness IE: Witness wants original exhibits back
Files: This is where you load the files for the witness, it would be ASCII, exhibits, parking charges etc. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SELECT CORRECT FILE TYPE

Screen 3: Witness
This is where you would add a second witness to the same job. If no other witnesses please click next.

Screen 4: Parties > Prefill Parties
Reporter must have the following:
Sold To Firm (would be scheduling firm)
Original box is checked for CalDepos client, NOT WHO IS GETTING THE ORIGINAL
If a rush it needs to be indicated in the Rush Selection box

Screen 5: Parties
This is where the reporter will add other attending attorneys (please note that most firms and contacts are already in our system. Please check before adding a new firm or contact)
To add another attending party please follow the link on this page under our client. If no other party was present please click next

Adding a new party:
Reporter must have the following:
Check box if party is for attendance only and did not order a copy or any other service
Check Original box if they are to receive the original

Search for firm and then select the firm to add. Please make sure you select the correct location for the firm. Some law firms have multiple locations. If firm is not listed select NEW after selecting looking glass.
Select attending attorney from the law firm. If attorney is not listed select ADD NEW
If they ordered a copy please slelect Same As Sold To if we are to bill them directly.

Once all parties added the screen will say Step 3 of 5 listing all parties present. Please make sure you include all parties present. Then click next

Screen 6: Services (this is where the reporter will add services like Real-Time, Parking, Video etc)
Click Yes to add services. If no services were ordered click no.

If you would like us to walk you through this please give us a call or send an email to and we can do a 5 minute screen share presentation with you.

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