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California Deposition Reporters Inc. Employee Clock In

CalDepo employees are to use this website to clock in on a daily basis when they are at work. This page can be accessed either from your PC at work or from your smartphone or tablet if out in the field. 

Admin: You must clock in and out directly from your computer at your desk, including lunches.
Sales: If you are working from the corporate office then you must login from your work computer. Sales acknowledges that they must still take a lunch while out in the field, they must also clock in and out for lunch while in the field through their smartphones or tablets. 

If you are out in the field then you can use your smartphone or tablet to clock in as you start your day and you must clock out when you are done with your last visit. If your last visit is before your scheduled time you must inform your direct manager that you are done with visits for the day. If he directs you back to the office you can clock out when you return to your desk. If they allow you to head home and not back to the office then you must immediately clock out on your smartphone or tablet. If it is before your scheduled time to clock out your manager can make changes to make sure you get paid for the complete day but you must clock out once you are done with your last visit. 

CalDepo has a strict NO smartphone or tablet use while driving. All operations must and only be completed while not operating a moving vehicle. Furthermore all users acknowledge that the location,. date, time and IP of the device they are using will be logged and any attempts to fraudulently check in or out will be met with termination if management chooses. 


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