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 We know, and understand, that a worksheet can be difficult for the reporter. With every agency having different worksheets, criteria and information needed we want to help you make sure you do not struggle and waste your valuable time. If at anytime you need or just want help you can always call us at our office and we will walk you through it with a screen share. The worksheet should not take more than 10 minutes to complete. 

At the bottom are photos of 2 worksheets filled out correctly with all information needed. These are examples of a correct and complete worksheet.

REMARKS: This is used to put information about the job, not the witness. Examples are: Exhibits are being mailed, 10 copies were made at conference room, self addressed envelope for witness etc.

Under The Witness Category:
Witness: Each Witness needs to be added separate and completely filled out.
Send Original To: This needs to be filled out completely for each witness. The format needs to be:
Firm Name (or Witnesses Name)
ATTN: Attorneys Name (If Applicable)
City, State Zip Code

Notes: Notes for this witness only. 

File Type: Please select the type of file. ASCII, Exhibits etc

File Description: Please put the description of the file

Please make sure this is filled out.

Under the Parties Section:
There must be a party entered for each attorney present. Whether they ordered a copy or not. Most law firms and attorneys are in our system, you just need to select them. Please check before adding as any additions you add is added directly to our system.

Under the Services Section:
Please know this is your invoice to us for the services you provided. If you do not list the service here then you will not be paid for it as we will not know to bill for it. This includes wait time, parking, copies, Real-Time, Business/Expert witness etc. All these items and many more are in the drop down menu, you just need to select it and choose which attorney for which firm that service is for. If you do not put this information we cannot bill the client and therefor will affect your pay. Once we bill the client we cannot go back and re-bill it. 

Preview Page:
Please review the billing sheet before pressing submit. Make sure it is correct and all services and billable items are listed. 

Once you are sure the worksheet is correct press submit. The job is not turned in until you press select.

We want this to be easy for you and not have you waste any time. If you have any questions please just give us a call and we will walk you through it. We try to make it as simple as we can however we need it uniform as we cannot have different ways and information from the vast pool of reporters we work with. If a worksheet is not completed or correct the job is not considered turned in. We cannot process or produce transcripts until we have all information needed.

Have any questions please call or email Jamie at 626-915-1996, jamie@caldepo.com or if after hours you can reach him on his mobile 626-625-0967

  Reporter Worksheet Example

Reporter Worksheet Example

Reporter Worksheet Example

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